Welcome to Bump-Elo!

A website that is meant to reinvent how we consume day to day information, specifically in a more visual way rather than the more traditional text table form. Our intent is display overarching information as well as tell data driven stories that we find interesting within the context of the sports, media, and general world that we live in.
Bump-Elo was founded October 2017. The namesake stems from two types of analyses that helped build our site as well as one that we hope to example. The first being a Bump Chart, which displays the rank of particular items over a period of time. This is one of our staple visualizations that you will find across our whole site. The second being the Elo rating system which was created by Arpad Elo, it is most well known for being used to rank world chess players but can be used in any competitive scenario to better compare competitors in a network that may never interact with every other competitor with their network.
Our site runs off primarily using Tableau Visualizations to drive analysis and your interactive experience.

Our site is in its infancy so we encourage all of our viewers to interact with the visualizations as well as comment on potential data issues that they find within our creations. The Bump-Elo team is small in numbers and resources but is committed to our product and your experience so please help us help you.

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